When all of us adhere to one writing style, our web pages will be clear and consistent across the college.

This section outlines AHS style for the most common written elements for which hard rules don’t apply and format is a matter of choice. The primary source for this document is the UIC Terminology and Punctuation Guide, which is based largely on the Associated Press Stylebook.

In a few rare cases, AHS style departs from recommendations found in either the UIC or AP guide. To answer your style questions, refer to these documents in order until you find your answer:

  1. This guide
  2. The UIC Terminology and Punctuation Guide
  3. The AP Stylebook

You can use Merriam-Webster to check spellings.


Write for all readers. Some people might read every word you write, but many will just skim. Help everyone read more easily by grouping related ideas together and using descriptive headers and subheads.

Focus your message. Create a hierarchy of information. Lead with the most important point(s).

Be concise. Use short words and sentences. Avoid unnecessary modifiers.

Be specific. Avoid vague language. Avoid jargon, abbreviations and acronyms.

Be consistent. Stick to the copy patterns and style points outlined in this guide.