An AHS education is all about promise. Indeed we make multiple promises—to our students and their families, to our alumni and to our community.

Because the primary audience for the AHS website is prospective students, and the primary audience for Inside AHS is current students, we have created a number of specific promises for these groups. These words will probably never appear on our site, but they can be used by content creators to help you:

  • Select appropriate content
  • Create a distinctive frame for your content
  • Guide the presentation of specific messages in the AHS voice
  • Selected promises for prospective students

    • Degrees for dreamers, doers and leaders
    • Faculty you admire, teachers who inspire
    • Career guidance from day one
    • Membership in a global community
    • Preparation for a lifetime of success
    • A life-changing journey
  • Selected promises for current students

    • Support through any challenge
    • Preparation for what comes next
    • Friendships that last
    • A community you can always return to
    • A national network ready to help you